Benefit Fraud Advice


Our aim is to give you specialist advice in relation to investigations and prosecutions undertaken by the DWP and local councils, known as benefit fraud investigations. We can offer advice and representation throughout the South West, South Wales and further afield. We have offices in Exeter and Newton Abbot and Bristol.

We see many people who have attended the fraud interview without a solicitor (often because they do not think they need one) and as a result they get prosecuted in criminal courts. Every year about 30,000 people are prosecuted for benefit fraud and many of these cases would not have got to court if a specialist solicitor had been instructed.

We will provide you with the best representation possible. We will work with you and advise throughout any benefit fraud investigation and represent you at the interview. Our aim, first of all, is to try to get your case dropped at the investigation stage. If this is not possible we will try to persuade the DWP or local council that they do not need to prosecute you and we will attempt to persuade them to deal with you without you having to go to Court.

We can provide expert legal advice and representation right from the very early in the benefit fraud investigation stage through to representation at Court. Do not make the mistake of thinking you do not need expert legal advice - you do and you may harm your case if you are unrepresented during an interview under caution with the DWP or local council.

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